Capital Small City Islamabad (CSCI) – an endeavor of Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd (FDAL)- is offering a first-class opportunity to the occupants of Islamabad by impelling another square to be explicit The Harmony Park.
The best thing about this endeavor is it has little assessed plots and lofts at an extraordinarily negligible exertion that would be useful for anyone.
These low-compensation theorists can without quite a bit of a stretch exploit this opportunity.
Other than low costs, CSCI has not exchanged off over the standard and the civilities of the endeavor. It’s a merger of different sizes having one-room and two-room apartment suites nearby a genuinely versatile portion plan.


Capital Smart City Authorities has not meant the particular zone of the Harmony Park Block on its noteworthy methodology map yet as per certain sources, it will be around the Executive Block some spot to be truly connected with the Chakri Road.
In a little, while the FDHL legitimately reveals the region of this square, we’ll let the visits know.

HARMONY PARK Property Description

The Harmony Park includes two sorts of Villa Apartments of 3.5 Marla and 5 Marla. These lofts are so particularly organized with a prohibitive and current standard of improvement. These private lofts give the point of view on specific homes on account of their superb outside structure structures so they are named Villa Apartments. While the internal advancement of these will contain 3 stories, ground, first, and second each with 2 bordering townhouses. Consequently, every structure will have six lofts in this progression.
The point by point structure and floor plan of the two sorts of Villa Apartments are portrayed underneath and besides, you can download the associated pdf course of action of Capital Smart City Apartments Floor Plans.
  • 3.5 Marla Villa Apartment
3.5 Marla plot size of the Villa Apartment in the Capital Smart City Harmony Park is the more diminutive size. There are 2 connecting apartment suites for each floor of the 3 stories and 6 by and large in a structure. Each of these has one room, one washroom, a kitchen, and a parlor covering a total zone of 660 Sq-ft.
  • 5 Marla Villa Apartment
• The second size of the Villa Apartments in the Capital Smart City Harmony Park is 5 Marla with a comparable townhouse structure of 3 stories as the more diminutive ones. All of these more prominent evaluated lofts include 2 rooms, a youths’ room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dispatch district covering a hard and fast region of 856 Sq-ft.

HARMONY PARK Payment Plan and Price

The Capital Smart City Harmony Park is offering the private plots and apartment suites inside an uncommonly basic method of 3.5 years with 4 yearly bits independently.
Not only is this anyway their booking strategy moreover genuinely versatile start with just in an advanced portion of 10%. While 10% of certification seeks after followed by the portion are payable after 30 days of booking. However, the rest of the portion can be paid with month to month, quarterly, or semi-yearly parts as indicated by the customer neighborly understanding.
The distinct portrayal of the property’s expenses and the portion plan is as underneath:

You may similarly download a pdf format of Capital Smart City Apartments Floor Plans.

Property Type Residential Plots 3.5 Marla Villa Apartment 5 Marla Villa Apartment
Plot Size 20×40 (90 SQY) 660 Sqft 856 Sqft
Total Price 1,500,000 2,685,000 3,610,000
Booking 150,000 268,500 361,000
Confirmation 150,000 268,500 361,000
42 Monthly Installment 14,286
48 Monthly Installment 22,375 30,083
7 Quarterly Installments 85,714
8 Half Yearly 134,250 180,500
1st Floor Additional 30,000 40,000
Ground Floor Additional 105,000 140,000


•            Residential Plots give a 5% off on half starting portion and 10% off on 100% in advance portion without progress charges.
•            Villa Apartments give a 2.5% off on half introductory portion and 5% off on 100% in advance portion.

Booking Procedure

The arrangements have recently been begun by the 22nd of April 2020, Wednesday officially.
You can connect with us at or +923041411118 whatever point for extra requests or booking framework.