Rudn Enclave, on Adyala Road Rawalpindi is a brand new housing scheme. It has announced to start an Executive Block very soon. Addition of this new block is to sustain & achieve business trending goals of the twin cities.
The Rudn Enclave is a project of RMRSCO- a rising name within Pakistan’s real estate industry.
The land of the Rudn Enclave is firm, clear, and elevated, making it the perfect residential development spot.


About Executive Block

Rawalpindi Rudn Enclave represents an exclusive investment project. The most interesting thing about the project is the alignment change and Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Executive Block is a wonderfully built framework that is deemed more appealing to developers with a completely modern network.
 It also gives people the chance to appreciate and enjoy the fun services and smart features it gives.
Executive Block is full of exciting features in keeping with modern standards of development. As well, its quality performance & timely execution seems to satisfy the expectations of investors.
Some of the latest block’s outstanding features are:
• Large Network Roads
• Sizes: 40, 50, & 60 cm
• Broad park area, green spaces, and other social events
• Special Highlights

Every institution will be present to meet the requirements of modern housing projects. After an official announcement, the exact information will then be visible.
Besides, NESPAK is currently finalizing its Executive Block master plan. Also, the plot numbers are given via a ballot on the screen. Soon Rudn Enclave gets the contract for production, it will start working in this block. A strong possibility to start development work in the Rudn Enclave is by September 2020.
Note: All the older blocks are gone, and the plot numbers on the map were the same as their practice.


The Location of Rudn Enclave Executive Block is towards 3rd entrance of the Adyala Road.
The map given below mentions the exact location, to make it clearer. The green mark is the Rudn Enclave and the inside red mark highlights its Executive Block.
Here let us note that the Railway Department was allocated approximately 3000 plots in the district. But the culture is moving them to book the land for this new block now somewhere else.

Plot Size and Payment Plan 


The Executive Block of the Rudn Enclave is a large project with some 5000 Residential Plots.
It offers various sizes of plots including, within an accessible range, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Also, the Executive Block has three launch stages:

The first stage has 1500 plots with initial prices
 The second stage has 1500 plots with revised prices
 The third stage has 2000 plots with higher prices

The given payment plan shows the official detail of the pre-launch rate, installment, and down payment:
Criteria for the Ballot

The society would conduct a computerized ballot after the booking of all the plots. And it’ll allocate plot numbers to all file holders.
The map for the Executive Block will release soon after the vote.
Throughout the next two months, this whole booking exercise will end. So you should expect the plots to the ballot after about three months.

Reservation Process

The first booking process in the Executive Block has already commenced. Still only for residential parcels. Whereas the commercial plots will be introduced in the higher phase.

The first process, as mentioned earlier, consists of only 1500 parcels. So rush to take advantage of this opportunity and book a plot of your choosing. 
You will need to submit the necessary documents and pay a small token sum to book a plot. The token cash is calculated as the down payment at the time of booking.
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