Gulberg Islamabad is a housing society enriched with all the modern and perfect living goals. It is a project the can easily attract and win people’s hearts with its beautiful greenery and model. It is the only project in Islamabad that is based on the concept to keep nature alive by planting everywhere around society.
Gulberg Islamabad aims to give wings to the dreams of common people by converting them to reality. People dreaming of having their own home with the basic & modern means of living can easily come true here with Gulberg.
Moreover, the infrastructure of Gulberg is designed keeping in mind the comfort and luxury. It is a large network of 12 wide lane roads of 220 feet in width. Here you can enjoy a sans hustle and signal-free drive with the help of a self-created and self-financed underpass.
Gulberg Islamabad


Gulberg Islamabad is the project of a welfare organization- the Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS).
IBECHS works for the IB representatives and takes care of basic needs like shelter. The administration committee members are strictly bound to serve the IB employee only.


Gulberg Islamabad was launched in 2005 but was made official after the issuance of NOC by CDA in 2019 and began its development work.
Its NOC was approved under the reference number “Ref# “CDA/PLW-HS (127)/2009/257”.
Besides NOC, it also signed MOU with IESCO and SNGPL.


Gulberg Islamabad
Gulberg Islamabad touches the main Islamabad Expressway near Airport Road and the Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road) which is very situated and an attractive location for the nearby traffic.


Gulberg Islamabad has two masterpiece projects providing both Residential and Commercial areas inside:
1. Gulberg Green (Agro Farm Housing Scheme)
2. Gulberg Residencia

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