Awaz Marketing is such a real estate platform that stands up as your voice (AWAZ). Awaz Marketing gives you all the possible solutions for both your residential and commercial needs. Awaz Marketing is a multi tasks platform here you may list your property, buy/sell, search and market your property.

Awaz Marketing is a one stop solution for all your property requirements. Our Strategy of work is to provide our customers comfort and ease where they can enjoy their property buying, selling or rental experiences.
We give you the best deals within your pocket range and make things easy for you that you can have no issue to trust us. We believe to make a strong bounding with our customers by giving quality services.


The projects Awaz Marketing works for belong to the biggest names of Real Estate Industry of Pakistan. These names are not destitute of any introduction as their work and devotion within the industry speaks itself and it more than enough for the investors to put a blind trust over them. We on the behalf of our ambitious Housing Schemes guarantee you to get fruitful results.


Awaz Marketing has a team built of enthusiastic and eager individuals who are always in the search of new innovative ideas to improve their performance and to serve the people in a better way nationwide.
Our team of passionate entrepreneurs is a unique example of itself within the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan as they never step back to serve the people what so ever the situations may be.

We play a vital role to up-lift the economy of Pakistan and stand as one-man to help the people with their property needs from consultation services to renting, selling, buying or investing.

Awaz Marketing as its name is a proven platform to raise your voice and spread it within the Real Estate Market. We will give you the best consultancy services and will keep you updated with all the market ups and downs. You can rely on us for all your property related matters and we pledge to fulfill our responsibility valuing your time and money and will never let you down.

For more queries feel free to get in touch with the best Real Estate Consultants in Pakistan.